Thanks where thanks are due

Over the last months and weeks, I was nominated for three blogger awards in our little universe here: the Liebster Blogger Award, the Inspiring Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blog Award.

After some thinking and pondering, I have decided for myself that I will not be spreading the love and be nominating blogs for various reasons. One is, that to a certain degree this reminds me of chain emails of which I am not fond. I just don’t want to keep adding to it. Those who are interested which blogs I find interesting should check my comments section. People that interact with me here are usually running blogs that I frequent.

However, I have also decided that I want to give a nod to my fellow bloggers who nominated me, because by nominating me they showed me that they appreciate what I am doing here, so I want to reciprocate that. With my thanks, I will also give you reasons why you, esteemed reader, might be interested in their blogs…

And without further ado, here are they are:

Thank you to Shannon over at Grapes, Gripes and Gratitude for nominating me way back in July. Shannon subtitled her blog “A life journey through grapes” and she is doing a terrific job with this. Her blog covers wine and life challenges and triumphs as a mother and wife. I enjoy her sincerity as well as how hilarious some of her posts are. Her emotional posts about struggling with losing her grandmother (nonna) have touched on sad parts in my life. In short, a blog about life and how we try to give it meaning.

Thank you to Rachel over at All Food, All Drink, All Love for nominating me this October. Rachel welcomes you by telling you that her blog is nothing but food and love. And spot on she is. Her recipes are interesting and the photos adorning the posts are great to look at. Her wine descriptions are personal and enlightening. She finds the right mix between food and booze, which is always important…and I clearly do not find in my blog.

And finally, a thank you to Denise over at Happy people, happy homes for nominating me a few days ago and thereby triggering this response…Denise is a foodie as well as intrigued by interior design. Since I am pretty much exclusively focused on the first and even more on being a vino, I will just recommend her food explorations here. Denise’s recipes are what I consider comforting home food, from soups to pies to Indian style foods. Just right for the coming season, easy to understand and (I imagine) re-enact in your kitchen…

Again, thank you three for nominating my blog and thereby spreading the word. I very much appreciate it and you.

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10 thoughts on “Thanks where thanks are due

  1. Cool, congrats! I keep going back and forth on whether to post about these awards. I do think it’s important to give thanks and you did a good job here.

  2. Your way is much more effective, I think, for giving thanks where thanks are due. I’ve never been led to look at a blog because it got nominated by someone–but I’m going to check out each of these recommendations because it doesn’t seem at all like a mutual-back-slapping society (not that there’s inherently anything wrong with mutual back-slapping; appreciation is, of itself, a good thing).

    Kudos to you for looking at the whole award-thing from the perspective of a rational/legal mind, by exploring what the less-obvious intentions & purposes tied up with the awards might be.

    Disclosure: I’m always prone to admiring people who voice my opinion.

  3. rachel says:

    Thank you for the kind words!

  4. Thank YOU for your kind description and just for being there-as a reader :) now…lets blow this joint and go have a glass …err bottle of wine!

  5. Oliver,

    Congratulations, once again.

    – John

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