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Vineyards in Photos: Nackenheim Rothenberg

Stunning photos of the vineyards south of my hometown Nackenheim. I shared them on my facebook page when Gunderloch winery posted it on their wall, but I also want you all to see this… The photos were taken by my friend Johannes Hasselbach, the winemaker’s son.

In great news, I finally found my tasting notes from our visit with them back in June. I plan to write it up over the weekend so you can learn more about this great winery!

View from Nierstein towards Nackenheim, photo taken 10/9/2012 (Click the photo to go to the Gunderloch homepage)

Nackenheim Rothenberg on 10/25/2012 (Click the photo to get to Gunderloch’s Facebook page – the link only works when you are logged into your Facebook account)

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