These are the links to tastings we have conducted at home, usually with friends:

Unexpected Pinot Noir, posted on 05/01/2014

#WineStudio Session XII: Germany’s Lesser Known Varietals, posted 04/24/2014

#Winechat: Ice Wine and Dessert Wines, posted 02/27/2014

Finger Lakes Riesling Launch 2012, posted 09/24, 2013

Finger Lakes Virtual Tasting, posted 05/25/2013

Strange Fruit, posted 05/08/2013

Traveling the Old World: European Reds, posted 03/11/2013

A Tale of France and Argentina: Malbecs, posted 02/19/2013

Michigan vs. Mosel Riesling Tasting, posted 08/31/2012

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