Samples Policy

This is a wine blog, so naturally I like to drink wine and a lot of things related to wine. If you are a winery, or wine distributor, or marketing agency, or in any other way engaged in the wine industry and think I should get to know your wine or whatever else you offer in the wine world, feel free to send me an email: 0r contact me on Twitter @thewinegetter and we can discuss how you can get a sample to me.

There are a few things you probably should know:

1) I cannot promise that I will actually review your wine on my blog, but every best effort will be made to do so. If I don’t like a wine that was supplied as a sample, I will contact you before I publish a review. I’d rather not write negative reviews.

2) I will disclose that a particular wine was received as a sample as such on top of the article featuring the wine.

3) I am not interested in pre-written marketing articles that media agencies provide to publish on my blog. I feel that would be a disservice to my readers.


Let me know what you think!

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