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Sunday read: What wine didn’t Romney drink in Boca Raton?

I love it when people take what they see, and notice a tiny detail, and then start to think about it. As in this case…

The now infamous video of the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney remarking on the fact that 47% of the electorate will vote for President Obama no matter what he does has been chewed on by the media for a while now. I will not wade into a political debate here, especially given that I don’t even get to cross or punch a ballot this come November. No, where I am going is a blog entry by Jeremy Parzen in the Houston Press blog section.

For those not familiar with the video: The video was shot at a fundraiser for Mitt Romney’s campaign held in Boca Raton, Florida. It is taken from the side, and a wine decanter is featuring prominently in the video, sitting on the same surface as the camera. It is this wine decanter and its content that Jeremy Parzen was interested in, so he went on a hunt to find out what wine was served at that fundraiser.

I loved his curiosity approach to the video, and it was a fun and revealing read, too…really enjoyed the piece.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

What Wine Didn’t Romney Drink in Boca Raton?

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