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Melini Chianti Borghi d’Elsa magnums at Costco

Price alert!!!! I am just back from a Costco run that ended up with me buying way too much (and I mean WAY too much wine). I just wanted to alert all Ann Arborites and possibly elsewhere to an amazing deal Costco is offering right now:

Costco is currently selling magnum bottles of the 2010 Melini Chianti Borghi d’Elsa, which I reviewed recently here, and thought it was a good value chianti. When I checked, the cheapest 750ml bottles for that wine online were about $5.50 (excluding shipping) and I found it for $7.99 at the local liquor store.

This magnum bottle is $10.99. You read that right. $10.99. I love magnums, because it is great to share them with couple of friends when you cook dinner, or at birthday parties. We definitely stocked up.

Ann Arborites: Go check it out while they last, and you don’t have to be a Costco member to buy wine (thank you, Michigan!). They might be elsewhere, too. It is definitely a steal!

2010 Melini Chianti Borghi d’Elsa DOCG


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