Sunday Read: The Robotic Savior of Slate?

Today’s Sunday Read returns to Germany, as I just stumbled across this fascinating article on Vinography. Apparently, the University of Geisenheim, Germany’s elite school for winemaking, has developed what appears to be a cross between a Mars Rover and a tractor to work the Mosel’s steep slopes. It looks pretty futuristic, and could be easier to handle than the rail-driven carts I wrote about earlier.

It’s still a prototype, but who knows what good it will end up doing? Fascinating stuff for sure. Also, the article contains some breathtaking photos of steep Mosel vineyards. So even if you don’t care about “Geisi” the rover, check out the photos.

Happy Sunday!

Vinography: The Robotic Savior of Slate?

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Read: The Robotic Savior of Slate?

  1. Stefano says:

    Cool! Now the next thing will be R2D2 making the wine! ;-)
    Good to read you my friend.
    Happy New Year! :-)

  2. Ooh, those are beautiful photos. Not sure what I think of robot farmers, (I guess I’m ambivalent).

    I had a vague, fuzzy dream this morning. The only clear part was that you and Nina were there. How is that possible? We were having a deep conversation about what’s important in life. How do I know what your voices sound like, or what you would say?

  3. Happy New Year ! Hope you are safe in the cold weather.

  4. Sally says:

    So interesting. Saves a few backs…

  5. Oenophilogical says:

    Those are some steep vineyards!! It’s a cool concept. Seeing those big spikes on the wheels, though, I’d hate for Geisi to run over my foot. lol The photos are so picturesque with the town and also the castle ruins in the background. Kind of funny to see a robot in the midst of it all.

  6. Powered by GPS?! Very futuristic indeed!

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