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Sunday Read: Your 2014 Resolution: Drink Adventurously

YES, YES, YES, drink adventurously, best motto ever for 2014….Eric Asimov nailed it once more.

Nina and I embarked on the Wine Century Quest about 2 years ago, and have since been drinking quite adventurously: crazy grapes, crazy countries and regions. It is so much fun to step outside of our comfort zone and try a wine that I would usually never even consider, or that would have simply slipped my radar. Being conscious of what we buy and drink is a first step at expanding our palates, and have adventures in wine. The cool thing with the Wine Century Club is that the journey just keeps going and going…we’re on route to our double membership now (200 grapes)

So, why don’t you download your application for the Wine Century Club here, and go on a journey of discovery and adventure, just in line with Eric Asimov’s motto for 2014! And he even provides some ideas where to start…so what’s stopping you?


Eric Asimov: Drink Adventurously

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