2010 Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Merlot

Photo taken from Coppola’s website.

The first time I came across a Francis Ford Coppola wine was after our wedding. Good friends of ours had visited the winery earlier in 2010 and brought us a 2008 Director’s Cut Zinfandel. We had that wine in 2011 and I liked it quite a bit.

Ever since moving to the US, I see Coppola wines all over the place. I have to say, I like their labels and I have decided to go on a mission to try more of the wines. I have a Petit Syrah waiting at home when I get back, and when I arrived at our friends’ house in San Antonio, I saw this bottle of Merlot on the shelves. Naturally, we opened it.

Let me give some background on the wine: The Diamond Collection is a series of 12 different wines, all sourced from California. The Merlot was first made in 1997 and the grapes come from Napa, Sonoma and Monterey. It is a blend of 80% Merlot, 19% Petit Syrah and 1% Syrah grapes and has 13.5% ABV. The wine was aged for 12 months in French oak.

The wine poured in a dark, rich red. The nose was fruity, red berries, kinda what you expect. On the palate, it was a bit on the sweeter side (just a tad), but had a great fruit aroma of raspberry. Add some vanilla to that and the fact that was very smooth, and it was a pretty enjoyable wine. I could see myself drink that on a lot of occasions. A rather simple, yet pleasant wine…

You can find the wine description of the winery here.

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13 thoughts on “2010 Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Merlot

  1. coastalcrone says:

    The Diamond Collection is excellent! Love the Merlot and Chardonnay. The winery in Napa Valley is a must- see..

  2. We enjoyed our visit to Niebaum-Coppola many years ago, and we booked their special tour and tasting package, months before we went to Napa. It may have been the largest tasting I have ever done at one time. The Diamond Collection was very good, though I see more labels with a cinematic tie-in now. We bought several wines that day, but especially the Rubicon.

  3. If you ever get the chance, you should certainly visit the winery–beautiful place with a lot of movie memorabilia. The wine, though,….

    That might change with the Inglenook name purchase, but I am not so sure.

    • Hahaha, thanks for sharing that…sometimes my budget doesn’t allow for more than this…:)

      Please help me with the Inglenook name purchase, I have no clue what you are talking about.

  4. The Coppola line is a big seller in our store [$13-19 price range] with the Claret and Chardonnay probably high up on the list. The Merlot does well also in this market. I recently had their 2009 Diamond Malbec and was a bit disappointed. I also recently had the lower end [price-wise] Rosso blend and found it to be delicious. Looking forward to hearing about what you think of the Petit Syrah.
    Thank you.

    • I definitely will try the other wines, too (except for the Chardonnay, I guess). The Claret, to me, looks the most intriguing. I will let Nina judge the Malbec, since she is the Malbec lover in the family…

      What I have tried so far suggests rather solid wines, maybe not really worth the 13-19 price range, but then again, we are in the US, where wine is expensive…

  5. reijosfood says:

    Wine names are sometimes interesting. Will soon post about Aalto wine (if you have ever heard about Alwar Aalto)

  6. vinoinlove says:

    The bottle label looks quite nice.
    Just looked at wine-searcher for this wine and saw that in Germany it retails for 20€+ whereas in the United States it’s available for around 10$. That’s not fair :P

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