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Sunday Read: An Evening of Two Bloggers and Their Brides

This Sunday read will be a much more personal read than the usual, I hope you don’t mind. I realized Friday evening that my comments count reached over 1,000. While I am well aware that a lot of those are my own (but less than half), it still brought a very important point home to me: What a wonderfully engaging crowd I have found since I started this. In my About page I wrote that I was trying to get a conversation going with you, my readers, and thanks to you all this has actually happened! Thank you for that.

Also, these discussions have enriched my wine experience. The TBA discussion under my Gunderloch Tasting Part 2 post (read the comments here) has definitely broadened my horizons in ways that I did not anticipate. That is just one example, but there are many more.

I just want to take the time to say thank you for reading, for commenting and for engaging with me. It means a lot. You have made this site better and more fun than I ever imagined possible.

Another thing that this whole blogging has brought is new friendships. Over the last weeks, I met with local bloggers: Josh over at Sipology, John over at The Food and Wine Hedonist and, just last week, with John over at The Wine Raconteur (btw, does ones first name have to start with a J to make it in the booze-blogosphere??). Each experience was unique and fun and good. I relished meeting these people that I had gotten to know, more or less, through their writing. It gave us a connection, it made conversation flow easily and was a lot of fun. I am very much looking forward to more of them.

Now, and that is were the personal read comes in, John (The Wine Raconteur) wrote up our meeting that we had with our wives last week. It seems like he had a great time, just as we did and it might be interesting for you to get another’s perspective on me (take it with a grain of salt, it is way too flattering). The meeting brought it all home once more: For me, life and blogging and anything I do is about personal connections. They are what matters. And it was somehow awesome to talk with a “stranger” and be able to say “Oh, I know that about you.” Because I did.

If you have not checked out John’s blog, give it a try. He writes about experiences with wine, restaurants and old Detroit in an inimitable way which makes him deserving of the blog title The Wine Raconteur.

Two Bloggers and Their Brides (and a Tokay)

With that, I leave you on this Sunday. I hope you survived the snow at the East Coast, and enjoy cold or sunny, wherever you are. Again, thanks for making this blog so much fun!

The Wine Raconteur: An Evening of Two Bloggers and Their Brides

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