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Sunday Read: Seven Wine Faults

Sometimes people ask me how I can tell whether a wine is flawed or not. I don’t know about you, but I do struggle with detecting faulty notes or aromas in wines. I usually can recognize a “corked” bottle, but have had issues with other flaws. This is a touchy subject for winemakers and drinkers alike: We don’t want to label a wine as bad when in fact it was faulty which is not necessary the winemaker’s mistake: storage and other reasons can impact a wine and turn it into a bad wine. And there is hardly anything worse (in the wine world) than blasting a wine for flaws that have nothing to do with the winemaker’s skill or ability. But it can be hard to know what went wrong with a wine if you don’t know what characteristics certain flaws have.

That is where this article by Madeline Puckette comes in. She gives summaries of common wine flaws, how to detect them and what can be done about them (if anything!). I believe this can help understand what’s going on when we get across a bottle that has issues.

Happy Sunday!

Wine Folly: Seven Wine Faults and How to Detect Them

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