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Sunday Read: My Summer blogging series has come to an end…

My dear readers, Nina and I returned safely to A2, just in time for the opening game of football season (Nina got season tickets this year, I opted to invest my share into wine…duh). We had a marvelous trip to South East Asia, and finished it off with 28 hours in my beloved Seoul, where I lived for 5 months many years ago. It was a bag of mixed feelings, being back in that city after so many years, meeting old colleagues and eating true Korean food. Just a wonderful finish for this trip. As I mentioned before, we visited GranMonte Winery in Thailand, and I plan on writing about this estate in the near future.

Today, I want to pause a moment and do a retrospect on my summer guest blogging series. First of all, fellow writers, thank you so much for your contributions! I was blown away by your posts and the generosity with which you supplied them. It was totally heartwarming to site so many thousands of miles away in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia and see the posts come up…thank you.

Second, the series was a great success. It kept the visitor numbers pretty much stable throughout the summer, which is what I had hoped for and was glad to see. Some of the posts broke or came close to old records of mine: One post made the most likes I ever received on a post (Megan, your readers are very like-prone! :), another almost made my daily views record, yet another made it a first with a self-composed song…most importantly, the series kept the conversation going, as was visible through all the commenting on the posts.

Third, I thought the content was really great: The diversity of approaches to my theme “Somewhere, Beyond the Sea” showed what inspirational writers all of you are. I found the content to be enriching, educational and fun. To me, this is what wine writing and blogging in general is about. The most important key aspect for me, though, was to see how the personal sides of all writers shone through. It is the personality aspect, and bringing people together, which I liked most about this endeavor.

In case you missed any of the posts, here they are again, in chronological order. That should make for a long, long Sunday Read. It is good to be back home, and I am looking forward to taking up posting again. Thank you all, writers and readers, for your continued interest in my blog. It is a great place to be in.

The Wine Raconteur: Chateau Latour 1961

Linda Foxworth: Beyond the Sea, Confined by Beauty

The Armchair Sommelier: Drinking Carmenère with the Devil

Talk-a-vino: Liquid Pleasures Beyond Wine – Rum

Tracy Lee Karner: 2011 Forster Kirchenstück Riesling inspires Happiness

Stefano Crosio: Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2012

Erica Vitkin: Is Ignorance Bliss?

Kawavino: Trebinje – The Wine Capital of Republika Srpska

Cowboys and Crossbones: If this Wine Glass could talk

Talk-a-vino: Surrounded by the Ocean – Truro Vineyards

The Wine Raconteur: Torbreck “The Factor” 2001

Oenophilogical: Dry Creek Fumé Blanc 2011

Whine and Cheers: A Cuban and a Bottle of Carménère on Prince Edward Island

The Food and Wine Hedonist: While The Winegetter is Beyond the Sea…

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Sunday read: Why write about wine?

I bet this is a question that a lot of wine bloggers ask themselves or are being asked by others. Why do you write about wine? Is it just to show off? Is it because you have no friends to talk about wine with?

We all have our own answers. I have explained a bit in my About section. Thinking about it more, this blog has also become my wine diary. It is a nice aide memoire. But there is more to it. I feel like I want to share more about my favorite white grape, riesling (you guessed it!), because I was fortunate enough to live in an area that produced the most stunning examples. So I am trying to share my impressions, my experience with wineries and wines. A lot of us don’t have the money to go after the top tier producers, but there are a ton of winemakers out there in Germany that make affordable, fantastic rieslings.

But that still is not all…and this is where Evan Dawson of New York Cork Report comes in. In May, he published a piece titled “Why Do I Write About Wine?”. I stumbled across it when I checked the wine blog awards 2012. It received the Best Blog Post of the Year award. The title caught me, and Evan’s writing drew me in deeper and deeper. I think it expresses a lot of my sentiments well, and therefore I am sharing it today.

I hope this is posting correctly this week, and as always, I hope that you have the appropriate drink in your glass for the time of day…for me, it will be coffee.


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