Cowboys and Crossbones: If this Wine Glass Could Talk…

Somewhere, beyond the Sea

Somewhere, beyond the Sea

This is the eighth installment in my guest blogger series “Somewhere, Beyond the Sea”. Some of you may know the wonderful Megan, that runs the blog Cowboys and Crossbones. When I first stumbled across Megan’s blog, I almost went blind from the use of pink and all things pink. I soon discovered that Megan is a very entertaining writer, again with that mix of crazy and self-deprecating that I am realizing I really enjoy. Megan and her cat Ted embrace life and whatever it throws at them. Reading the blog will take you on a ride, and more often than not I find myself smiling or even outright laughing. You never know what to expect when you head over there, that is for sure…so go give her blog a try! Thank you, Megan!

If this Wine Glass Could Talk…

If this Glass could talk...

If this Glass could talk…

What would I do without wine?


Well, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic (although if I quit drinking, my liver would be so bored with nothing to metabolize it might just shrivel up or cease working properly out of pure shock in the absence of vino) but wine has been a constant friend through the thick and thin, the gorgeousness and nastiness of life and the daily ins and outs with my constant feline companion, Ted (yes, I’m a bona fide cray cray cat lady – and yes, sometimes my fur ball drives me to drink).

If this bedazzled, skull and crossbones wine glass could talk, it would spill all of the celebratory shenanigans and murky, depths of despair (I know, again with the drama) moments we’re shared over the years.  Whenever I’m about to leap off the proverbial ledge over a life experience, I reach for my trusty best friend (yes, I know how that sounds but let’s be honest, she’s always there for me).

If you were conversing with my BFF, she’d tell you I fill her up with an Italian sparkling wine, Mondoro Asti when celebrations are in order.  For $12, this bubbly is sweet, as it’s produced from muscat grapes but not so sweet that it will give you cavities if you drink the entire bottle in one setting (extremely easy to achieve – even if by accident).

Gossiping with my bedazzled gal pal (behind my back?!), she’d fill you in on my choice of wine as I welcome evenings of TV shows (I have an extremely eventful life). She’d tell you I gulp (she seriously couldn’t have said drink?) out of my old stand-by with Bota Box Pinot Grigio (fancy, I know). For all of you vino connoisseurs out there, how can you top three liters (which is approximately 17 glasses of wine – well for me, more like 10, but still) of smooth, refreshing California wine for $20?  And yes, I realize the implications of one’s character by consuming wine from a box and well I can’t help it, I’m one classy piece of work.

Chit chatting on the patio during summer nights, my sparkly glass would implicate my love of Relax Riesling, as I almost accidentally drown her (now who’s being dramatic?) with the speed of my refills.  I didn’t sprint to this German wine after reading reviews, I first purchased it for its name – Relax.  After consuming a bottle (wishing I had two) of this sweet, slightly dry Riesling the first time tasting it, I knew it was love at first sip for this $11 wine.

And when life suddenly pulls the rug out from under me and I am wallowing in self-pity (which I can be really excellent at performing), my constant companion would tell you that I reach for the red (which is why I can’t include a picture of myself at the moment because my teeth are stained burgundy). Recently finding out I had to unexpectedly move out of my beloved duplex in a matter of weeks, I splurged on a $20 bottle of Meomi Pinot Noir.  From California, this smooth, fruity pinot is a fabulous bang for the buck and for the past 12 days, this wine has spilled into my glass as easily as coffee pours into a mug, aiding my mind from creeping over to insanity.

And as I have my kit cat tucked under one arm and my gaudy glass under the other, we’re forging into our new chapter with gusto and the comfort of knowing that at the end of the day, we all have each other (Are you there God? It’s me, CBXB. Please don’t let anything shatter my bestie during the rest of my move – that would seriously put me on the brink of possible lunacy).

While settling into this newfound change, what wine will I be swallowing out of my trusty companion as we unpack my life’s mementos and belongings?

I suppose it doesn’t matter just as long as we’re together.



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22 thoughts on “Cowboys and Crossbones: If this Wine Glass Could Talk…

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  2. hahah megan you never fail to make me laugh! adore this post because wine is such a huge part of my life too and I do consider it one of my besties! now if only i can find that 17-glass box-o-vino for $20!!!

    • Wine is amaze balls AND for the folks on a budget, we can still get “good” wine for less cost. You must get the box because it will last you a week (or more, depending on how often you drink your bestie…)!

  3. SerachShiro says:

    I adore also wine like Pinot grigio, Riesling and ect. Have you never tried sparkling Sangiovese, pronounced like ” San-joh-vay-say ” ? Its a lovely red wine that’s made of grapes of the region in Romagna and Tuscany. Love this post and I’m a big fan of Cowboys and Crossbones ! :)

  4. I actually don’t kno9w Megan and have never read her blog before tonight, but absolutely love the name of her blog – Cowboys and Crossbones.

    • RWD – thanks for reading! And I appreciate your compliment on my blog name. Sometimes folks look at me like I have three eyeballs when I tell them my blog’s moniker – but I fully stand by my decision! :)

  5. Haha… I’ve broken a few glasses out of fear that they actually would start talking. Which probably should’ve been my cue to – as Snoop Dogg once said – “back up off of it and set up my cup down…”

  6. You know what’s funny? I’ve followed CBXB for a while now and never knew her name was Megan! She doesn’t look like a Megan. Or act like a Megan. She has more of a Jane or Samantha feel to her in my humble opinion. lol.

  7. Reblogged this on Cowboys and Crossbones and commented:
    My wine blogging buddy Oliver from The Winegetter asked me to special guest star on his blog while he is away vacationing his brains out with his lovely wife, Nina. Taking all of one second to think about being the star of someone else’s world for a moment was a no brainer (I mean duh, have we met?). The topic Oliver wanted guest posts to revolve around was “Somewhere Beyond the Sea,” whether it be a place one has visited, a wine from far away or new horizons. I was in the middle of my ultra fun, unexpected move and chose to reminisce about the wine glass that has been my best friend (DON’T tell Teddy) through all of my thick and thin and all of the tasty liquids it often contains. Therefore I chose to write about a new horizon, as moving has a way of cleaning your slate and grants you a fresh start (fingers crossed it does for me anyway). Cheers!

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