Sunday Read: Mature Wine vs. Young Wine. How Age Comes to Bear.

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You know I am a sucker for aged wines. I just love them, especially my beloved Rieslings. Wine changes a lot in the bottle, and any given day it will taste differently. But there is just something about these aged wines that draws me in, beside the history etc. I wrote about that a bit earlier, in my post called aged wines are like friends.

Sometime ago, I came across this short article about aged and young wines on the blog Eat, Love, Savor. It gives you a walk down of what the experience is from opening the aged bottle to drinking it. I liked the flow of the article, and it expressed my feelings rather well, which is why I decided to share it.

Have a wonderful Sunday, wherever you are!

Eat, Love, Savor: Mature wine vs. Young wine. How age comes to bear.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Read: Mature Wine vs. Young Wine. How Age Comes to Bear.

  1. Duff's Wines says:

    Great and timely topic. One of my hardest choices is to pull the plug or cork on an older wine. I decided to open a 2000 Barolo last week to much fanfare only to witness a brown smelly liquid come from the bottle. Truly disappointing. But, if you don’t age them, you’ll never know. And you’ll never benefit from the complexities and fullness of the wine. Just think how shallow and run of the mill we older guys would be if not for the benefit of time.

  2. Stefano says:

    So true, Oliver: aged wines rock! Clearly, assuming they are meant to be aged! ;-)

  3. talkavino says:

    You are right, Oliver – it is a very good summary. Happy travels!

  4. Thanks for sharing these articles!

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