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Sunday Read: Which is more important for Fine Wine, Terroir or Technique?

Fine wines and premium Scotch too!

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Steve Heimoff published this excellent article, which becomes even better as you read the comments, in May and it has been sitting on my Sunday Read list for a while now…

As terroir is still one of the buzz words in the wine world, and as I for one am a proponent of it (remember my waxing poetically about how I can recognize a Scharzhofberger? Or how much I love an Erdener Treppchen, no matter who made the wine?), it is still a delicate question. How does one detect terroir in the first place? And does a good plot of land automatically mean a good wine (as the Premier and Grand Cru in Burgundy or the Classification in Bordeaux suggest)? But what about the winemaker?

These are interesting questions, and Steve Heimoff delves into them quite well, trying to find a balance.

Happy Sunday!

Steve Heimoff: Which is more important for fine wine, terroir or technique?

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