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Sunday Read: Mature Wine vs. Young Wine. How Age Comes to Bear.

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You know I am a sucker for aged wines. I just love them, especially my beloved Rieslings. Wine changes a lot in the bottle, and any given day it will taste differently. But there is just something about these aged wines that draws me in, beside the history etc. I wrote about that a bit earlier, in my post called aged wines are like friends.

Sometime ago, I came across this short article about aged and young wines on the blog Eat, Love, Savor. It gives you a walk down of what the experience is from opening the aged bottle to drinking it. I liked the flow of the article, and it expressed my feelings rather well, which is why I decided to share it.

Have a wonderful Sunday, wherever you are!

Eat, Love, Savor: Mature wine vs. Young wine. How age comes to bear.

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