I did it…

So, it happened. I am now on Twitter, too…

Those who know me in person will laugh (I am not exactly what one would call an embracer of technology or trends), but an exchange I had with my fellow blogger over at Cowboys and Crossbones (did I ever learn your name??) convinced me it is about time. Let’s see how this will work out.

So, come follow me @thewinegetter and let’s have some fun there. I promise, I will follow you, too. :)

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16 thoughts on “I did it…

  1. Wino Forever says:

    Thanks for the comments mate! I like your blog also. Good stuff. WF

  2. I tweeted you (and followed) you today–did you see it? Did you check out the video by the German Wine Group? @masi3v

  3. Hello Twitter Man!! You beat ME to the punch. I’m signing up right now and following you.

  4. vinoinlove says:

    I tried to follow you but twitter told me your account has been suspended. If you want you can follow me and I try to refollow you :)
    Great to see that you’re now on twitter

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