Sunday read: Statistics on the US Wine Industry

Nothing much to add from me on this suggested Sunday read by Dr. Liz Thach, a professor at Sonoma State University. The article contains a number of things I did not know (the US is now the largest consumer of wine, there are wineries in every 50 states, etc.), and it was a timely reminder that I know way too little about this wine country.

I hope you are having a great Sunday, and enjoy my Sunday read for today (link below).

Statistics on the US Wine Industry


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17 thoughts on “Sunday read: Statistics on the US Wine Industry

  1. […] 2012, a Sunday Read pointed to Liz Thach’s post on statistics on the US wine industry. The other day, I cam across her Trends in the US Wine Industry for 2015 post, which is based on […]

  2. very interesting article! thanks for passing along.

  3. Thanks for the article! Don’t forget there are a lot of wineries, even in New York state that make wine from real wine grapes!

  4. vinibuoni says:

    Interesting article. I’ve a question though: How can you produce wine in Alaska?

  5. talkavino says:

    thanks for sharing the article – the stats are very interesting. Think about it – about only 10 years ago, US was #18 or even worse as a wine consuming country…

  6. Interesting read. I did know that there are wineries in all 50 states now. I read it a few months ago in a magazine, but cannot remember which one… I have so much more traveling to do!

    • My wife is from Alaska, so I am really intrigued by where they grow wine there. It has to be down South in the Juneau area…

      • A quick google search showed wineries in Kodiak, Homer and Anchorage. Looks like they make fruit wines, but also do some grape wines. Gooseberry, black currant, and blueberry all would grow there, but I would guess that they probably import the grape juice for the grape wine.

        • I always forget about these fruit wineries counting as wineries in the US. A somewhat strange concept to me…

          Might have to go and try some when we are up in Anchorage again. The berries there are really amazing!

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