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Sunday read: Why write about wine?

I bet this is a question that a lot of wine bloggers ask themselves or are being asked by others. Why do you write about wine? Is it just to show off? Is it because you have no friends to talk about wine with?

We all have our own answers. I have explained a bit in my About section. Thinking about it more, this blog has also become my wine diary. It is a nice aide memoire. But there is more to it. I feel like I want to share more about my favorite white grape, riesling (you guessed it!), because I was fortunate enough to live in an area that produced the most stunning examples. So I am trying to share my impressions, my experience with wineries and wines. A lot of us don’t have the money to go after the top tier producers, but there are a ton of winemakers out there in Germany that make affordable, fantastic rieslings.

But that still is not all…and this is where Evan Dawson of New York Cork Report comes in. In May, he published a piece titled “Why Do I Write About Wine?”. I stumbled across it when I checked the wine blog awards 2012. It received the Best Blog Post of the Year award. The title caught me, and Evan’s writing drew me in deeper and deeper. I think it expresses a lot of my sentiments well, and therefore I am sharing it today.

I hope this is posting correctly this week, and as always, I hope that you have the appropriate drink in your glass for the time of day…for me, it will be coffee.


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