Reblogged: Terry Theise on aged rieslings

Reblogged: Terry Theise on aged rieslings

By now you probably know that I am totally hooked to aged rieslings. Terry Theise, an importer of small winery German wines into the US, talks about why he thinks aged rieslings (and champagne) are worth waiting for. Here is his analogy:

“If you were an alien and some earthling showed you first a butterfly and then a caterpillar, and said true or false, this creature came from that one, I doubt you would infer it. Mature Riesling becomes, simply, the world’s most complex wine.”

He also made me sigh of relief by stating that it is virtually impossible to describe the taste of aged riesling…I definitely find myself struggling a lot in that field.

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How awesome is that??

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It’s Memorial Day here in the US and Pentecost Monday (yet another Christian public holiday in oh so secular Germany) so I will keep this short. Just wanted to share this with you and then head out to the back yard…

I am not sure how long these key chances last, but what an awesome idea!!

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