How awesome is that??

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It’s Memorial Day here in the US and Pentecost Monday (yet another Christian public holiday in oh so secular Germany) so I will keep this short. Just wanted to share this with you and then head out to the back yard…

I am not sure how long these key chances last, but what an awesome idea!!

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5 thoughts on “How awesome is that??

  1. Margaret McCamant says:

    And in this, nominally at least, far more religious country, very few people outside of liturgical churches knew that yesterday was Pentecost. I first became aware of Pentecost when I had about a ten-day Pfingstferien during the year I spent in a German school. My family spent it in Austria; no church observance involved. In 1999 Bob and I were hiking along the Italian coast near Genoa during May and encountered a village whose Pentecost celebration was a town fish fry.

  2. delpiero1234 says:

    Pentecost Monday – I wish we would celebrate it in Italy. Germany has so many holidays..

  3. May you enjoy both holidays. I guess that would require at least two different wines to celebrate with.

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