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Sunday Read: Wine Myths That Need Shattering

The wine columnist Matt Kramer posted an excellent blog post over on the Wine Spectator earlier in December that I just stumbled upon. In it, he rails against three wine myths. He probably could have found many more such myths, but I like that he took the time to go into more detail for the three he chose:

1) Wine needs “structure”, aka tannins to age well.

2) More expensive wine is better wine.

3) Wine needs to be stored in 70%+ humidity.

None of them are really earth-shattering news, but they do persist so it is nice to have a deeper look at them.

Have a great Sunday!

Wine Spectator: Wine Myths That Need Shattering

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Sunday Read: Another Case Study in Balance

I hope you all survived Thanksgiving and that your cholesterol levels are coming down slowly…

This Sunday, I am finally posting something connected with Riesling again. I read this blog entry the other day and thought it was an excellent piece. Author Talia Baiocchi is making the case for why Mosel rieslings need more residual sugar to achieve balance. The article shows convincingly why balance might mean different sugar and alcohol levels for different grapes and different regions. In my mind, she totally nailed it with Mosel riesling.

Happy Sunday!

Wine Spectator: Another Case Study in Balance: Riesling

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