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Sunday Read: New German Rieslings somewhere between dry and sweet

You wouldn’t believe how often I get to hear how Riesling is SO sweet. Yes, often it is. But then again, often it is not. What one has to understand about Riesling, at least in my opinion, is that as with all wines balance is key. Given that German Rieslings tend to have a significant amount of acidity due to the cooler climate they grow in and Riesling’s natural higher acidity, sugar in the wine is a key to balance that acidity. In years with lower acidity, like 2011, it was easier to make very dry wines because the acidity did not need that much sugar to balance it. In years with high acidity levels, I usually struggle with fully dry wines…

Throw in wine drinkers’ split personality: Many want to see the word “dry” on the label, and insist that they only like dry wine, but then prefer wines with some residual sugar in them that would qualify those wines as semi-sweet or off-dry. It’s a conundrum for wine makers, and the piece I am linking to today explores how German winemakers deal with this issue. Maybe we all should become more comfortable with the grey, in between areas. Some sweet, some dry, not either or. After all, it is the in between that is usually the more exciting area to explore…

Happy Sunday!

Jon Bonné: New German Rieslings somewhere between dry and sweet

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Sunday Read: Another Case Study in Balance

I hope you all survived Thanksgiving and that your cholesterol levels are coming down slowly…

This Sunday, I am finally posting something connected with Riesling again. I read this blog entry the other day and thought it was an excellent piece. Author Talia Baiocchi is making the case for why Mosel rieslings need more residual sugar to achieve balance. The article shows convincingly why balance might mean different sugar and alcohol levels for different grapes and different regions. In my mind, she totally nailed it with Mosel riesling.

Happy Sunday!

Wine Spectator: Another Case Study in Balance: Riesling

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