Sunday Read: Trends in the US Wine Industry for 2015

I am clearly having more time again, and I relish being able to read through blog posts again. It’s inspiring, and I have missed being able to do so over the last couple of months. Given that, it’s also time to resuscitate my Sunday Read column. I doubt it will get back to a full regular schedule, but I still want to use it to point you to articles I liked or consider interesting/thought-provoking.

In 2012, a Sunday Read pointed to Liz Thach’s post on statistics on the US wine industry. The other day, I cam across her Trends in the US Wine Industry for 2015 post, which is based on the 2015 Unified Wine Symposium and some articles. Thach is a professor at Sonoma State University and the geek in me gets a kick out of her bibliography at the end of the article.

Things that impressed me most in this article:

  • California’s dominance in the market (60%!!)
  • Per capita consumption is still low at 2.82 gallons (10.7 liters). That’s not a lot by any measure. These Wine Institute numbers for 2012 (it’s the most recent I could find – the US consumed 10.42 liters in 2012) indicate France consuming 44.19 liters (so roughly four times that), Switzerland drinking 40.44 liters, and even beer-addicted Germans drining 23.98 liters. Note that the Vatican tops the list at 73.78 liters annually per capita!!!
  • 36% of consumers using a wine app to check reviews or compare prices when shopping for wine. I guess not having a smartphone is the reason why it’s hard for me to wrap my head around that.

Have a great Sunday, and keep warm!

Liz Thach: Trends in the US Wine Industry for 2015

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Read: Trends in the US Wine Industry for 2015

  1. Andrew says:

    The Vatican tidbit is interesting although not surprising since it’s not exactly a large or diverse population living there. I wonder if they buy all that wine for parties?
    I also think it’s amazing how low the average price is for a bottle of wine sold in the U.S. — “75% of wine sold was under $9 per bottle.” It is natural to imagine one’s seld as the typical consumer but, since we are all reading and commenting about wine, we are probably not the typical consumer!

    • Hi Andrew, and thanks for commenting! The average price numbers are stunning in pretty much every country. I think in Germany, the average price per bottle sold is around $3.50 or so. Can you imagine that?

      And re the Vatican: Yeah, it’s definitely an anomaly, and who knows what parties they use it for…^^

  2. The Vatican… Amazing! That confirms it, wine IS sent from god :) Interesting numbers, thanks for sharing!

  3. talkavino says:

    Glad Sunday read is back! I have and use the smartphone very actively – but I’m not the part of the 36%… At t he most, I might use wine-searcher to check the prices…

  4. Interesting! Not too surprised about the California thing- people see California and immediately think it’ll be good. It dominates most restaurant menus as well.

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