35 thoughts on “Finally a Wine Century Club member!

  1. Mari says:

    Thank you, Oliver, you’ve inspired me! I have just applied for a membership too :D
    PS: It was not difficult to reach 100 grape varieties after half a year in the Balkans ahahaha…

  2. Stefano says:

    Congrats, my Man! Well done! :-)

  3. vinoinlove says:

    Sorry about the double post but I thought that my old comment from yesterday didn’t go through for some reason but now I can see both so you might as well delete one of the two please :)

  4. vinoinlove says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy your journey :)

  5. talkavino says:

    congratulations! Keep drinking!

  6. juleslewis says:

    Filling in the form right now!

  7. Congrats! I am working on mine – my Wine Century Party is on Saturday to help me along!

  8. ksbeth says:

    congrats to both of you and bring on the german posts )

  9. foxress says:

    Congratulations to you and Nina. I’m looking forward to your blogs and pics of your beautiful homeland.

  10. How fabulous and cool! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Germany.

  11. Congrats!! But, ahem, I’m a a doppel member.

  12. Congratulations and a safe trip.

  13. You are an inspiration! Reviewing my grape varietals is now on the top of my list. Thank you! Congratulations / Glückwunsch!

  14. Congratulations and welcome to the club! The question is: Are you going to keep counting?

  15. Congratulations–that’s very cool.

    Have a safe and happy trip. We’ll be thinking of you, and looking forward to reading your posts from over the Atlantic. :)

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