Best article yet debunking the wine shortage myth

I know, I know. Other articles are usually reserved for my Sunday Read section, but this week, I posted photos for the Sunday Read, so give me a break. And I really, really liked this article.

Lots and lots has been said and written about the wine shortage predicted by Morgan Stanley a week or two ago. Many have come out since saying that that is not true. But this post by Felix Salmon explains in detail why it is not true, and how Morgan Stanley tweaked its chart and information to garner a headline. Most interesting thing he points out is that the report was written by Morgan Stanley Australia, and it touts a company named Treasury Wine Estates as its “top Australian consumer pick”. Which is helped by the fact that it predicts soaring demand for Australian wines…

This article is a great read, and it makes a passionate plea for looking behind shiny graphs and motivations behind reports by corporations and analysts, who usually have a business reason for predicting what they predict…

Felix Salmon: There is no global wine shortage

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3 thoughts on “Best article yet debunking the wine shortage myth

  1. Yeah, some of my friends were very concerned about me and the global wine shortage thing. I never really took it seriously since even if Morgan Stanley were right, it would have only had a modest pressure on the price of wine….

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