Sunday Read: Top 10 Songs featuring Moscato

Hundreds of French wines for your enjoyment.

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Ok, this was too good to pass up. I stumbled across this video slideshow via Smartaboutwine, a very dedicated blog that compiles interesting news stories surrounding wine. I am subscribed to it and have definitely used some of the ideas for my Sunday Read.

Apparently, and completely unbeknownst to me (but that doesn’t say much…), Moscato of all wines has become quite the rage among youngsters in the US, with sales climbing sharply (over $300 million in the US and doubling of sales in Canada in 2011). Whether that is due to the fact that the sweet wine has been featured in at least ten song lyrics or not might be up for debate, but it is definitely noteworthy…The Drinks Business therefore felt it was time to compile a slide show of music videos featuring Moscato in their lyrics.

And so, here it comes: the Top 10 Moscato Songs…weird. Definitely weird. The true reason I am posting this is to impress my buddy The Food and Wine Hedonist, who is so much cooler than I am, by at least once linking to a video slide show that includes pop and hip hop…:) I am feeling so badass right now.

Have a great Sunday!!

The Drinks Business: Top 10 Songs featuring Moscato

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Read: Top 10 Songs featuring Moscato

  1. acrusteaten says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Shine On Blogger award. You can see the post here: Keep up the good work!

  2. Duff's Wines says:

    Getting to the ‘Sunday Read’ on Monday. But now am jonesing for some Moscato, homie. I as well prefer Riesling if I’m going sweeter. But have discovered that Moscato goes great with a fruit dessert. Now, that doesn’t mean we ditch the Riesling but if you prefer Moscato because you’re hip, you can be a badass like Winegetter and get down with some M-ato. Yo’ Hard to believe that I’m over fifty?

  3. vinoinlove says:

    That was quite funny! Thanks for sharing Oliver :)

  4. Too funny!!! Great Sunday read!

  5. Stefano says:

    This is at the same time interesting (I had no idea either!) and seriously funny! My personal favorite is this line from the DJ Drama song: “Let get drunk off this Moscato” – I mean, how many cases do you think that exercise would require??? ;-)
    Anyway, this research just seems to reinforce the concept that young age and wisdom rarely go well together! ;-)
    Thank you for sharing this, Oliver!

  6. I guess that I am just out of the loop in regard to these “songs.” When I think of wine and music it tends to be Cole Porter with “I get no kick from Champagne.” So color me old.

  7. Mission accomplished – I’m impressed!! I do like #3&5. I can’t remember last time I had Moscato, prob about 10 years when I went on a Moscato kick for a few months. May have to pick some up to reaffirm my coolness!!

  8. I wonder how many songs there are about beer?

  9. I have certainly noticed the interest in Moscato skyrocketing, but I have seen it in both the young and the old. Honestly, I think it is an easy-drinking wine that non-traditional wine drinkers gravitate towards because it is accessible. Some then develop their palate and branch out to other types of wine, but I see a fair amount that stick with just Moscato. I did not, however, have any idea that Moscato had such a presence in rap music. Interesting.

    • It is kind of funny…and sad…that if one wants a nice, sweeter wine one would go Moscato when there is Riesling. But then again, that is just me…

      A lot of what you describe is exactly what people said about Riesling too: sweet, easy to start with and then migrate from there. I’d be delighted if Moscato took that role from Riesling, and if people actually stuck with all the different versions of Riesling once they decide to branch out.

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