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Foodista Featured Wine Blog of the Day

I just got word that my post about Aged Wines (see here) made me the Featured Wine Blog of the Day on the food website Foodista. Don’t believe me? It’s right here. I was really surprised when I got the email this morning and am super excited. I am seeing that I am joining the illustrious ranks of Stefano at Clicks and Corks, Jeff The Drunken Cyclist and The Armchair Sommelier (do I know your name?), all blogs I am very fond of.

Unfortunately, the link on Foodista’s website directs you to my decanting thoughts published as a Sunday Read earlier. I sent them an email and hope they’ll remedy that.

This really made my day. I liked that post a lot, and it makes me happy that the editors at this food and drinks community liked it too. Reason to pop a bottle today, I guess…as if I needed more reasons. Anyway, just had to share these news…

Thanks for helping me make this blog better by your comments and support!! Means a lot.

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