Summer = white/rosé, winter = red? Think again…

I stumbled across this NYT article yesterday and thought I’d share it here because I agree completely with what the author has to say.

“It’s not color that guides the choice of warm-weather beverages, but weight. Just as woolens give way to cottons and linens, so do heavier wines, beers and spirits yield to beverages with less ballast. What seems robust and warming in the bleak cold now feels ponderous and unwieldy. By contrast, what felt insubstantial back then is now refreshing and energizing.”

Check it out, well worth your time:

Red before Labor Day: summer’s new rules

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4 thoughts on “Summer = white/rosé, winter = red? Think again…

  1. Here’s another reason for drinking red in winter: it’s cold season, so I want those ketones to help fight viruses. (I note that nobody seems to make the connection these days, but having used red wine that way for 30 years, I assert that there is a connection!) With the windows open, we don’t need to worry about colds so much, so in summer I drink white when I feel like it.

    • WOW, Robert, I never even thought (or read) about that. (Being the lawyer I am with an unprecedented series of 3 years of straight Fs in chemistry exams, I had to look up “ketone”…) Seems to make sense to me. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. delpiero1234 says:

    Of course it’s not the color that makes me decide which wine I’ll drink during summer. But it’s a matter of fact that most red wines are heavier than white or rosè wines. The author puts it like people don’t drink red wines because of their color during summer. A Venetian Bardolino can be a good summer wine as well just most red wines are too heavy (even the chianti the author was talking about and besides here nobody drinks chianti in anymore)
    Sorry for the long comment haha :D

    • No worries about length of comments! :) It seems like a no brainer to me, too, that it is more the heaviness of a wine than its color. However, I was simply happy that someone took the pains to point out that everyone should keep an open mind about what wines to drink when.

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