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Sunday Read: Thursday Rant – 55 degrees

I SUCK at timing posts…this was meant for tomorrow, but the heck. Hope you’re having a great Saturday!

My fellow wine blogger Jeff, The Drunken Cyclist, has a great column on his blog called “Thursday Rant”. In it, he takes it out on all sorts of topics wine-related, from charging for wine tastings to poor service at winery tasting rooms and other rant-worthy objects. It is a joy to read him rant and last week’s struck a chord in particular:

Jeff wrote about storing temperatures for wine. Discussions and helpful tips on blogs and wine “help” sites abound and there seems to be a need for some guidance on this topic. There is a whole industry out there, trying to make money out of wine storing: wine refrigerator makers from small to huge, whole cellar builders, wine banks and others want you to believe that under no circumstance should you store wine other than at the perfect conditions: in a humid enough place, dark and at a constant temperature of exactly 12 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit). I don’t want to take away from Jeff’s rant, you should just know that I totally agree with him…

Jeff’s blog is also a finalist in the Wine Blogs Awards 2013 category “Best Writing”, so hop on over and vote for him, if you enjoy his writing as much as I do.

The Drunken Cyclist: Thursday Rant – 55 Degrees

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