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Sunday Read: What your beer says about your politics

I am posting this for two reasons: it generated quite some commentary and banter on my Facebook wall, and I have not seen it pop up elsewhere on blogs.

Reid Wilson of the GovBeat blog on the Washington Post had some help crunching the numbers of a National Media Research Planning and Placement survey regarding consumers in the US. While Wilson’s article focuses on beer, the graphic attached to the article actually shows wine and spirits as well, and that is what piqued my interest. The premise is that people in the survey indicated their political views and whether they voted. Since it was a consumer survey, they also reported their favorite kind of booze…and that is where it got interesting:

What’s your booze and politics chart (click for larger version)

This is my personal analysis: My favorite hard liquor is Gin (=Democrat, high turnout), my second favorite is Bourbon (=Republican, slightly less high turnout). While I drink Miller High Life at times (low turnout Democrat), my usual is Miller Lite (middle turnout Republican) – my go to, PBR, does not appear. Some of my favorite reds are Pinot noir (=just a little Republican, high turnout), but I also like Sauvignon blanc (insanely high Democratic turnout). Riesling does NOT even appear in the list. Looks like I’m quite the split personality.

Most of all, I am not surprised that Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay drinkers are all Republicans…that might say more about Republicans than anything else…you know where I stand on those two grapes…

Happy Sunday, and where do you stand?

Reid Wilson: What your beer says about your politics 

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge 3: Time to vote

The third Monthly Wine Writing Challenge has come to a close, and there have been 15 entries. The theme for this month was “Possession”, and while everyone seemed to struggle with it, the outcome has been pretty great. I wrote about ownership structure in German vineyards (yeah, I know, way to go to not win a popularity contest), others approached it from the angle of owning wine, or how to handle your possessions, or wine glass possession-obsession, the field is wide open.

The voting has now begun over at Sally’s blog My Custard Pie. Head on over, if you haven’t, and help pick a winner…

Also, I really liked Sally’s introduction which she wrote because her blog is more set in the food blog scene, and I think she does a great job of explaining one of the differences between food and wine writing:

“With food writing, if the prose doesn’t get your attention, you usually have the addition of drool-worthy images to stimulate the imagination and the salivary glands. Wine writing has a whole different set of challenges and usually appeals only to a very distinct group of readers. How do you pitch your information so that you keep the attention of people who know very little about wine as well as wine geeks? Conveying the experience of tasting a wine so that it resonates without tipping over into wine bore pomposity is an art. Yes, wine writing as fraught with potential pitfalls and hurdles as an overgrown vineyard.”

Go vote until Saturday by following this link!


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