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Sunday Read: And That was in Michigan???

Today’s suggested read comes from Stuart Pigott. I might have mentioned him before, he is an English wine writer and critic who has done huge things for German Riesling, on the producer side as well as the consumer side, over the last 20 years or so. His book “Wein spricht Deutsch” (Wine speaks German) although published in 2007 is still one of the bible’s of German wine making and the culture behind it. I once took part in a tasting of Stuart’s, back in the late 1990s in Trier, and he was as fun as he came across as eccentric…

Stuart is on a Riesling mission, and it is good to see him publish in English these days, because Riesling can take any help it can get. He is currently traveling the United States, promoting German Riesling but also trying American Rieslings. On his tour, he stopped in Michigan, and boy was he surprised by the quality! I have to agree. What I have tasted so far from up North (it is quite a bit from Ann Arbor) has been pretty good. But read for yourself…

Yay, Michigan!! And happy Sunday!

Stuart Pigott: On the Riesling Road Day 3 – And that was in Michigan???

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