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2009 G. H. von Mumm 50° Riesling Trocken

I have heard some good things about this wine. Anyone else have given it a try? Seems like a reasonably priced bread and butter wine…:)

The magical world of wines from Grocery Outlet

Qualitätswein Rheingau (apparently also close to Winegetter’s hometown), Germany; 12% ABV
“Trocken” = “dry”
$10 at the Berkeley, CA store

For local context, 50° north latitude is about 80 miles north of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  This wine clearly shows it’s the product of a location where grapes ripen less, but if you like this sort of thing, it’s quite good.

While the wine has a component of yellow apple, its main attraction is the nicely delineated acid of lemon, green apple, and the white part of melon rind.  While it reminded me of the 2008 Muddy Water Riesling (New Zealand), it is less sharp and provides a longer, more even, and more complex taste on the palate.  It went very well with lemon – ginger ground pork over rice, where the ginger was freshly grated and the lemon was fresh zest and juice, with no other sugar.  Although I…

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2009 Hans Lang Rheingau Riesling Spaetlese – Edition Maximilian

Quite the disappointment…

I have decided to not even take a picture of this bottle. If you have to see it, go here. This is a wine by one of the “better” winemakers in Germany, Hans Lang (strangely, I could not find a homepage for them), and it is readily available through Trader Joe’s for a very enticing $8.99. Now, this really low price for a spaetlese already tells you that it is probably not one of the first rated wines of this winery. The name – “Edition Maximilian” – should also be an indication of that…however, the winemaker is a member of the prestigious VDP (an elite club of winemakers in Germany that selects its own members that then have to adhere to higher quality standards), so I thought the wine should at least have some potential, because even more basic wines can be good.

Well, not this one. At first there was an unimpressive, alcoholic and slightly sour smell that mellowed out after a while. The wine was of clear, light yellow color. I could taste some strawberries, some vanilla, pear. The acidity in the wine seemed rather high, and in total not very well balanced by some hints of sweetness. The finish is short, with again, hints of vanilla. I could not help but think that the winemaker was not sure where to go with this wine: sweeter, not so sweet, spaetlese or rather not? It is not a bad wine, but it also seemed to lack so much. Especially when you consider that the winemaker probably knows what he is doing, and that a spaetlese should be stunner, not a bummer. It feels like he was going for a simple wine that would be a quick sell. Seems like a lost opportunity.

If this was my first German riesling spaetlese, I would have no clue what all the fuss was about and would stay away. I’ll sure stay clear of this one.

To be fair: Others do think differently, see e.g. here (calling it “delicious”).

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