Sunday Read: Silvaner – The Best Spring Wine You’ve Never Heard Of

With today being Easter (happy Easter to those who celebrate!), spring is finally, officially and weather-wisely here. We’re having a gorgeous spring day here in Ann Arbor, and I hope so do you…

Spring also means white wines, finally. While I never stop drinking whites in the winter, red wines replace a sizable chunk of my consumption and by the time spring arrives, I am happy to change back to whites mostly. Naturally Riesling takes its part in this, but Lettie Teague reminded me that there is another German grape that is worth checking out: Silvaner.

A less acidic alternative to Riesling that is used in Germany mostly in spring for its great pairing abilities with seasonal food like white asparagus. It’s hard to find in the US, and many of its incarnations in Germany tend to be flat and boring, but when done right, they can be exciting spring wines. I tasted a great bottle of Silvaner a few weeks ago that is part of the importer Rudi Wiest’s portfolio. I will write more about that in the very near future.

In any case, it’s spring and time for more whites. What white are you looking forward to this spring?

Lettie Teague: Silvaner – The Best Spring Wine You’ve Never Heard Of

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Read: Silvaner – The Best Spring Wine You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. Do you know if Silvaner is the same grape as Madeleine Sylvaner? We have some wineries here in WA that do a Madeleine Sylvaner, either alone or in a blend, but I don’t see much online about the grape. I always love cracking open a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a Riesling on those hot summer days! Camille

  2. ksbeth says:

    i would like to try more of the dry sparkling whites you recommended. yes, a beauty of a day here and happy easter and spring )

  3. Though it’s not really white . . . I always look forward to my patio and Rosé!

  4. vinoinlove says:

    Verdicchio is great for spring but also some Sicilian blends are a good choice :)

    • Oh, nice! Sicilian blends? Aren’t they a bit high in alcohol?

      • vinoinlove says:

        Well it depends really. Not all Sicilian white wines are high in alcohol.

        Take a look at the wines from Planeta. La Segreta Bianco has an ABV of around 12%. It’s light, fruity, flavorful and great for warm spring evening. Alastro has an ABV of 12.5%.

        Donnafugata produces around 5 different white wines with an ABV of around 12%-13%

        Girolamo Russo makes an excellent Etna Bianco. If I recall correctly the ABV was not higher than 13% either.

        Cusumano makes a two white wines that have no more than 13 ABV either (Insolia, Alcamo)

        These are just a few white wines I can think of :)


        • Man, thanks so much for sharing these finds!! This is awesome!! I would have feared 13.5+, so this is awesome to know. I have had some of the Cusumano reds and find them to be a mixed bag. They were great when I initially tried them in the mid-2000s, right after they got their first tre bicchieri, but was disappointed in the later 2000s…

  5. Viognier! The flower garden aromas scream Spring.

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