Sunday Read: Five Wine Books Worth Noting

This Sunday Read, which section I neglected terribly lately, comes to you from Alaska. I am already with my in laws after I secured an insanely low mileage ticket deal and since I can work from wherever I have an internet connection, there was no need to hang around in rather dreary Michigan…so why not head to the land of snow, cold, and darkness instead? Right?

Being up north also makes me realize how close we are getting to Christmas, so this Sunday Read will be devoted to some ideas for gifts, notably in the form of wine books. Eric Asimov, the New York Times wine writer, has compiled a list of five books he found worthwhile in 2013. All related to wine, but from very different perspectives. I enjoy Asimov’s style, so I feel like I can trust him with his recommendations. I have not read or looked through any of these five books. But they’re probably a good place to start in case you are hunting for a gift for a wine lover you know…shoot me a PM for my mailing address if you want to be my Secret Santa. :)

Happy Sunday, from what feels like pretty close to Santa’s home…

Eric Asimov: Five Wine Books Worth Noting

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Read: Five Wine Books Worth Noting

  1. Stefano says:

    What a wonderful thing that you and Nina (I assume) are in AK already! I miss it there, such a blessed place. Enjoy your stay and… the pull of the darkness, my friend! ;-) Wine certainly helps pleasantly kill time.

  2. frankstero says:

    JB’s book and Pomerol are on my xmas wishlist :)

  3. I bought a fun read the other day – “The Essential SCRATCH & SNIFF Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert.”. It is actually “scratch & sniff.”. By Richard Betts a Master Sommelier whose philosophy is, “Wine is a Grocery, Not a Luxury!”

  4. Well I hope the cold and dreary of Alaska are better than what we have in Michigan! The weather gods dumped about five inches of snow on us over the weekend here in Ann Arbor! Excellent post for holiday gift ideas! My dad loves wine so I will definitely have to peruse this list as I try to drum up some present ideas for him.

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