Sunday Read: The Other Side of the Mosel

Someone posted the other day that Wine Searcher, the website that a lot of us use to figure out how much a bottle of wine should be costing in the United States, is developing quickly into an exciting and well-stocked source of information on wine in general.

Case in point is this article about the “other side of the Mosel” they published in October. The title refers to the French part of the Mosel, where the river is spelled Moselle and which historically covered quite a bit of area under vine, but is now down to 65 hectares and 20 producers. But in the past, it boasted up to 30,000 hectares under vine which used to provide Champagne region with base wines. Wars and changes in ownership (the 19th and 20th century rivalry over Alsace between Germany and France) led to the near demise of the region.

But apparently, it is coming back and plans to expand by 2020. While I am spending this weekend at the German Mosel, I am wondering whether I shouldn’t have made room for some time at the other side of the Mosel…

Have a great Sunday!

Wine Searcher: The Other Side of the Mosel

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Read: The Other Side of the Mosel

  1. Oenophilogical says:

    vielleicht/peut-être! thanks for sharing the article

  2. Oliver, what ever you decide, I am sure that you will enjoy your decision.

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