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Reuscher-Haart Rieslings: Another Perspective

Reuscher-Haart Piesporter Goldtröpfchen

I have not written about Reuscher-Haart wines in a while (mainly because I am out of their wines…which is a shame), an estate led by young and energetic winemaker Mario Schwang. The winery is very much into eco-sensitive wine making and the wines have never failed to impress me. The best thing about them is that they are also still very affordable. I wrote more about the winery here and compared their entry level Riesling here.

A couple of months ago, my fellow blogger Mariusz of Kawa & Vino (he also wrote a guest post for my summer blogging series, see here) asked me for some German wine recommendations. Reuscher-Haart was among the ones I suggested, because they fit a student budget. Over the last weeks, Mariusz has finally (!) gotten around to trying some and I liked his review so much that today I want to invite you to go and check it out. It is a beautiful hommage and gives you a second opinion which can always be helpful.

His article starts:

Although I live in Germany, for a long time our domestic Rieslings only rarely have been guests in my house. Rather I often tried those from Austria, Serbia, Czech Republic, France, and even Poland, with its first wine experiments since the World War II. There was no particular reason for this behavior, or maybe I was just not ready to appreciate the spectrum of expressive sweetness present in German Rieslings.

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