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Sunday Read: The Joy and Mystery of Drinking the Classics

Over the last couple of weeks, my fellow bloggers Jeff, The Drunken Cyclist, and Anatoli, Talk-A-Vino, posted two very interesting pieces: Jeff talked about how much one should or would want to spend on a bottle of wine, the classic question of how much is an expensive bottle actually worth for you and does a wine get five times better when it costs five times as much as another wine. It contains a lot of interesting thoughts and the discussion has been great! Read the article here.

Then, Anatoli posted a piece about ageing wines and when a wine is ready to drink. A lot depends on the personal taste, in my view, but I still have not fully come up with an answer to what my stance is. As you know I like aged Riesling a lot…find his article here.

For this Sunday Read, I know I already pointed you to two reads, I know!, but I feel like I found something that contributes to both these discussions. It is a long article by Bill Zacharkiw, the Montreal Gazette wine writer. He tells us about a meal he was privileged to pick the wines for from a stellar cellar (and, spoiler alert, he would love to drink $200 to $800 bottles more often). Going from there, he explores why different bottles of the same wine can taste completely different. His point being that in ageing wine, we never can predict for sure what we will get. He finishes this very read-worthy article with this paragraph:

“Aging wine is a crapshoot, as you can never be sure what you will have when you finally open the bottle. But this, for me, is the beauty of wine. Wine is a living organism. In its primary stage, it is often very easy to understand. As it ages, a wine will gain complexity and depth. And along the way probably a blemish or two.

Not that different from people, I guess.”

Beautiful, eh? Happy Sunday!

Bill Zacharkiw on Wine: The Joy and Mystery of Drinking the Classics

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