Sunday Read: German Riesling’s Turn in the Spotlight

Some of you might have heard of it: In February, New York City witnessed the first “Rieslingfeier”, an event to celebrate the beauty that is Riesling. It was the first such event, privately organized by Crush and Spirits and some other wine stores in NYC. One cannot say that Riesling isn’t being pushed these days in the US, with events like “Summer of Riesling” and others, and the German wine promotion agency is very much on its toes promoting it more. Still, this event seemed like something very special: With tastings in three wine stores, with winemakers present, and a collector’s dinner to finish the day. I would have loved to join, but this is one of those moments were it sucks to be in the middle of nowhere Ann Arbor: NYC quite far away, Chicago 5 hours away…there’s just not much going on here…

Eric Asimov wrote a thoughtful, yet somewhat restrained (is that the right word?) piece about the event. The article shows what this event is surrounded by, and the attention that all sorts of regions and wines are trying to garner for themselves. And in that light, Riesling is still a smaller light. So I decided to share it, because Riesling needs all the attention it can get.

Happy Sunday!

New York Times: German Riesling’s Turn in the Spotlight

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