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Sunday Read: Five Key Components in Wine and How to detect them

I think I am in the process of creating a new regular feature: the Sunday read. I like to sit back on Sunday mornings with a cup of homemade milk coffee (beans ground in my peugeot hand grinder, coffee made in my stove top espresso maker that I have had for ages), read a magazine or browse online. I like when I find pieces that are interesting but not overwhelming, broadening my horizon.

The folks over at Snooth ran a piece by Nancy Hawks Miller (owner of the blog The Tasting Group) a couple of days ago that played well on what I posted last Sunday: how hard it can be to discern smells in wine. This piece goes a bit further, explaining key components and how to find them in your nose and on your palate. She names acid, tannin, alcohol, sugar and body. That makes initial sense to me. The way she describes these and how we can detect how they work was illuminating to me, so I thought I’d share.

One sentence rung especially true: Fruit in a wine can be mistaken for sweetness, even though there is hardly any sugar in there. It is just our brain making that unconscious connection.

Happy Sunday reading. Hope you all are having a good day.


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